Stretch and Strengthen—Practicing What We Preach

It seems the older we get the faster time flies. We could say that’s why the month of May flew by before we sent another newsletter. The truth is we were struggling with what to include this month. Honestly, we’re new to this blogging thing; PT is what we do best. We promised we would not be another source of “noise” flashing across your screens. But quality takes time. So just like we do in our treatment rooms, we chose to pause, ponder all the puzzle pieces and take the time we needed to do the job well. And like we ask of our patients, we had to stretch ourselves, strengthen our resolve and be willing to try something new.

In the end, we decided May was a month to celebrate rather than educate. To that end:

We celebrate Moms everyday, but especially in May. We hope and pray that your special day was restful and rejuvenating and encourage you to take the time you need to stay strong and healthy everyday. If you need help with pain relief, physical conditioning or balancing a busy schedule, we have a whole staff of moms (and one great dad) well versed on various tools to keep you up and running OR deep-breathing as the case may be.

We also applaud and thank the dedicated families who serve our country in the armed forces. If you or a family member is living in pain, please contact us anytime, not just on Memorial Day, for a free consultation on how we might help serve you.

We also celebrated National Senior Health Day at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center with a free Ask A PT Presentation. If you missed it and have questions, take a peek at our Tips for Staying Active (appropriate for all ages) and call or email if you have an urgent question.

Speaking of time flying, May marks the 7th Anniversary of Compass Physical Therapy in Bend. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to grow from a two-person clinic to a full 5 therapist team providing quality one-on-one physical therapy. We’d be remiss if we didn’t celebrate Samantha’s 1-year anniversary as a top-notch front desk patient care coordinator and her 7th anniversary as our billing specialist.

We look forward to bringing you outstanding care and education in our 7th Street clinic, Juniper Swim & Fitness Center (JSFC) and our “monthly” newsletter. If from time-to-time our newsletter is late, it’s because we’re choosing to focus on the individuals in our office rather than the masses in the virtual world. If you ever need us for pain relief or movement solutions, we think you’ll appreciate that.

In the meantime, check out this informative article from the American Physical Therapy Association on back pain We’ll explore this subject more in June as well as:

  • Hear from Mychal Manning, DPT, as she continues her training in Neurodynamics, a fascinating treatment style combining exercise and manual therapy to address pain from the nervous system perspective
  • Welcome Phyllis "Phyl" Wurth to our Front Desk Team and
  • Celebrate the start of summer on June 21st—Stop by the clinic for your free therapy cold pack.

Looks like May isn’t the only month worth celebrating!

May you find something to celebrate every day,
Rhonda and Tom Pietrowski,