Parents: Signs of Injury or Concussion to Watch for in Youth

Keeping kids active, healthy and safe is a priority for all of us at Compass Physical Therapy. So we’ve put together several resources to help you assess injuries, navigate the world of youth sports, and motivate the youth you know to lead healthy, active lives.

We also invite you to visit KIDS Center’s website for invaluable information on preventing and treating child abuse. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends and neighbors, we can never be too prepared to help raise up the next generation. Check out these articles from BuildPT, the American Physical Therapy Association and The American Orthopedics Association, and share them with the youth in your lives.

Hey Bend--Schedule Your Annual Physical Therapy ‘Checkup’ to Take Charge of Your Health!

At Compass Physical Therapy we not only love to help you recover from injury or surgery and get back to the life you love, but we also love to help you be proactive and avoid injury as a way of life. Most of us schedule regular dental and medical checkups. Are you overlooking the health of other parts of your body that are vital to proper function and form? A quick visit to your favorite physical therapist could be in order.

Good Hydration Critical for Healthy Healing & Living

Most of us have heard numerous times that water is necessary for healthy living, but did you know it is also essential when recovering from injury or surgery and can maximize your daily performance? As physical therapists, we routinely see the effects of water on the body’s tissues and our patients’ health and recovery. In the dry climate of Central Oregon, proper hydration can be even more critical.  Check out this article on how water affects our bodies’ systems and a guide for recommended daily intake.

Back Pain? Physical Therapy First Shown to Be Cost-Effective

Back pain affects 8 of 10 people in the some point in their lives, according to the National Institutes of Health. The condition is bad enough that it accounts for 10 percent of primary care physician visits at a cost of $86 billion in health care spending annually. Studies are showing that number doesn’t have to be so high.

Compass Physical Therapy’s PTs have on average 18+ years of experience addressing the variety of causes and remedies for low back pain. And seeing us first can save you money -- perhaps up to 72 percent on your medical bills, based on recent data.

Stretch and Strengthen—Practicing What We Preach

It seems the older we get the faster time flies. We could say that’s why the month of May flew by before we sent another newsletter. The truth is we were struggling with what to include this month. Honestly, we’re new to this blogging thing; PT is what we do best. We promised we would not be another source of “noise” flashing across your screens. But quality takes time. So just like we do in our treatment rooms, we chose to pause, ponder all the puzzle pieces and take the time we needed to do the job well. And like we ask of our patients, we had to stretch ourselves, strengthen our resolve and be willing to try something new. In the end, we decided May was a month to celebrate rather than educate. To that end:

CompassPT Celebrates National Senior Health & Fitness Day at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

As a part of our on-going community outreach program with JSFC, Tom Pietrowski, owner of Compass Physical Therapy offered free 20-minute Ask A Physical Therapist sessions today, providing education on pain management, common conditions and ailments that can slow us down as we get older and shared resources for staying active including the following tips: