CompassPT Celebrates National Senior Health & Fitness Day at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

As a part of our on-going community outreach program with JSFC, Tom Pietrowski, owner of Compass Physical Therapy offered free 20-minute Ask A Physical Therapist sessions today. These sessions offer JSFC members an opportunity to have their pain- and fitness-related questions answered by a professional physical therapist.

"I really love doing these 20-min. appointments," says Tom, "because it reminds me of why I got into the profession--to help people lead active and happy lives. I have to think really fast, use all my resources and offer solutions. Plus it lowers the barrier of entry for people to ask for help." Sometimes the solution is a quick fix such as correcting bad form, other times the best next step is a full evaluation by a physical therapist or, in more severe cases, an orthopedist. Regardless of the condition, most sessions end with both the participant AND the therapist grateful for the experience.

Missed the sessions today? Watch for future Ask A PT sessions approximately every month at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center. These sessions are open to members of all ages and provide education on pain management, common conditions and ailments that can slow us down as we get older and shared resources for staying active including the following tips:

  • Warm-up--Start with 5-10mins of easy, non-impact activity such as walking, side stepping in place, marching, arm circles, hip circles
  • Pace/Proper Form--Start slow & low and build up/maintain good posture—Less risk of injury/more likely to progress & succeed
  • Variety--Alternate strength training with cardio & stretching.
  • Reduce Impact --Tai Chi, Aquatics, Bike, Arc trainer
  • Classes--Alternate classes
  • Stretching and/or strengthening--Can be used to relieve pain when done wisely. Ask your physical therapist for tools that can be done quickly and easily in the spur of the moment as well as regularly to prevent injury..

Pain Guidelines:

Tom’s Rule of Thumb: No sharp or continuous pain during exercise & no residual pain by morning.

  • Modify or rest if activity is causing pain—ask your instructor
  • Sore/dull—OK if not persistent  vs.  Sharp/achy— Seek advice
  • Stop! When…
    • Sharp, strong or consistent pain
    • Pain/strain in “wrong” regions
    • Can’t maintain good form due to fatigue – most injuries occur when fatigued
  • Seek advice within 2 weeks of injury if not obviously getting better. Ask A PT via our website or call for an evaluation.

You can see a Physical Therapist without seeing your doctor first. Call us with your insurance information and we'll help confirm your benefits.